Daily Swill for March 4-5

Daily Swill for March 4-5

Diageo is betting big on tequila. I think their bet is that it is a big category with lots of room for brands that pull. Jose Cuervo is the long-established player and Patron has re-invented the luxury segment of tequila. Don Julio and Avion seem to be battling for the price space between Cuervo and Patron.

Another example of the battles being fought all of the country — it is sad that these battles are fought in the courtroom instead of in the marketplace. In KY, this was a win for the 3-tier system and for wholesalers.

In more legal wranglings, the protectors of the Champagne brand are still attacking the writer that blogs as “Champagne Jayne.” Unfortunately, I understand. If a brand wants to protect itself, it has to be consistent. That said, I cannot understand why they haven’t reached an agreement since she clearly loves Champagne.

Santa Barbara keeps getting carved up into smaller, more specific AVAs. I think this benefits consumers in the long run.

Gary Vaynerchuk returning to wine (beyond just his investments)? Love him or hate him, Gary is a force for innovation and change in the wine industry.

In more local news which I am excited about, it looks like Jack London Square might get a boost in its development. I am hoping that in 10 years, we can go down to Jack London Square and it will be more like the Embarcadero in San Francisco, complete with a baseball stadium for the A’s.