Daily swill: February 2

Daily swill: February 2

This is my first post which I will hopefully be able update regularly. The idea is to comment on the top few wine industry articles each day or two.

Restaurants’ business is up and they are optimistic — this is one of those news articles that is good for confirmation but should not surprise most readers. The economy is doing well so people eat out more frequently. I wonder if companies like Grubhub also contribute to this.

Mobile wine apps are impacting consumers’ behavior — after meeting with Heini from Vivino last week, I wasn’t surprised by this. Consumers are using apps to influence the wine purchases they make offline. But it is worth everyone in the industry taking note. Apps like Vivino, Delectable, and Hello Vino are extending their reach beyond wine geeks and industry folks. Cellartracker is perhaps my favorite wine technology in the past 10 years, but it never jumped the gap into the average consumer like the wine apps are doing.

This is just comedy — apparently this Napa Valley County supervisor is hoping to pull a Mark Sanford. But I can’t blame them for wanting to create a relationship with Mendoza.

The debate over whether states should privatize liquor stores has moved to Alabama. The author of this editorial works for the state ABC so he clearly has an agenda and is using statistics to press his point-of-view. It would be great to see a neutral perspective on what has happened in WA state.

Big time winemaker has to pay for negative environmental impact. Unfortunately, it won’t stop the project. Ego is a pretty powerful force.

This article highlights the weakening price on US wine exports, but I was intrigued by the comment that Chinese visitors are now responsible for the second most tourists to California. I was also surprised that EU exports were up more than any other region — considering the struggles in many of the individual economies, I expected Asian countries to be the fastest growers.

In non-wine news, Krave Jerky got bought by Hershey. I love jerky. While I was never a big fan of Krave, I was impressed with their marketing. Good for them in getting paid for their work. It is important to note that these transactions are far more common in food than wine, probably because they are economically better models for profit?